Letters to the editor

Dear editor, On Friday, May 10th, the Marfa ISD Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) hosted a Disney-themed luncheon to honor the entire MISD staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. Great food from Home Style Cooking and Catering out of El Paso, goodie bags, Mickey Mouse décor and lots of wonderful door prizes were shared by all. The PTO was thrilled with the generous donations given to us by so many local and non-local businesses and we would like to thank the following for their kind contributions: Frama, Buns N Roses, Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Porter’s, Thunderbird Hotel, The Hotel Paisano Gift Shop, Dairy Queen, Marfa Brand Soap Co, Pizza Foundation, Angie Portillo, Marfa Book Company, Mira Marfa, Bar Nadar, Convenience West BBQ, Clara Williams, Emergo Arts Boutique, Blue Water, Ranch Candy, Kakes by Karen, Julie Darger, Liza Gripentrog, Marcia Kent, Lacy Schniers, Johnella Strong, Tracy Gigax-Cochran and Crystal Rabe. The donations make this event so popular, fun and exciting and they help bring so many smiles to our deserving staff at MISD. Additionally, we would also like to thank the families who donated $5 or more to the luncheon. Your money assists us in paying for the event and helps to make it a huge success year after year. With gratitude from the PTO Officers and Members,

Sarah Fellows Martinez, Kelly Ramsey Webb, Cherri Aguero, Christa Marquez, Janet Enriquez, Amber Sherill, Eliza Barton and Sheri Eppenauer Marfa

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Dear editor, As the school year comes to a close and we begin the process of reflection, we are able to recognize how truly fortunate we are to have such a supportive community. This year we have hosted two wonderful events, prom and the MISD Awards Banquet, at the Hotel Saint George Hall. We are remarkably lucky to have such a beautiful venue to celebrate our young students and their families and this has been made possible by the kindness and generosity of Mr. Tim Crowley and the entire Hotel Saint George staff. Mr. Cowley has opened his doors to our students for several years now, while Mr. Rob Crowley has been there to assist with anything we may need in order to make our events a success. Our prom looked stunning in April thanks to the floral talents and generosity of Ms. Elizabeth Resch with Velvet Mesquite. On behalf of our school district, I thank these altruistic individuals for treating our students so kindly and opening your doors to us. We are sincerely grateful.

Linda Ojeda, Athletic Director for the Marfa ISD community

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Dear editor and fellow Texans, As we enjoy the blessings of family and friends this coming Memorial Day, let us all take a moment to recollect the reason for this day. We honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives, so that we may enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear. For over 150 years, Memorial Day has been a national holiday honoring those who died in service to our nation. Let us remember our history and see our present, so that the thousands of Americans who have served and lost their lives to war, from days past to present, will not be forgotten. On this day, we remember those who gallantly fought for each one of us. Their courage and sacrifice will always be remembered and honored across this great state, this great nation and most importantly, in our hearts. Sincerely,

Eliseo “Al” Cantu Jr., Chairman Texas Veterans Commission Austin

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Dear editor,

Rule of the Unmerciful

Too busy to honor House subpoenas furthering constitutional oversight, Trump watches Fox and Tweet-rants criticizing (R) Rep. Amash. Reading the Mueller report, he stated Trump’s behavior meet the threshold for impeachment and AG Barr intended to mislead the public. National Security Advisor John Bolton, neo-con war hawk, pursues another conflict. A carrier task force is ramping-up tensions with Iran. Trust after Iraq II and Trump’s 10,000+ lies? Sufficiently lied into war yet? At home, a Texas GOP voter intimidation bill targets elderly, disabled, and most vulnerable, https://www.rawstory.com/2019/05/texas-is-aboutto-make-it-illegal-for-a-group-of-friends-to-drive-to-the-polls-together-tovote/. They just can’t prevail politically without electoral shenanigans. “Family values, pro-life”? The numbers of “Zero Tolerance” children separated illegally mounted another 1,700. GOP states passed anti-abortion laws criminalizing a difficult, personal choice. Even Pat Robertson agreed it’s wrong not to account for rape or incest. States with restrictive abortion laws have the highest rate of infant mortality,https://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-hiltzik-antiabortion-infant-mortality-20190515-story.html.Cloud Peak Energy’s bankruptcy filing revealed coal joined tobacco and oil suppressing knowledge of harm caused by their products. But Dems proposing universal healthcare insurance or environmental protection plan are the radicals? The Administration guts climate research. They’ve cut funds to investigate anti-rightwing violence. Detect the pattern? The responsibility for doing something is on us! Despotic is Trump and GOP commitment to constitutional rule of law, honored more in the breach than the keeping. The misapplication of law is not an act of justice, rather the cold steeled, heartless rule of the unmerciful! Sincerely yours,

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah Alpine

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