Peyote documentary screens Tuesday at Crowley Theater

MARFA - Marfa Book Company and in front of us film series present a free screening of “Peyote at a Crossroads” at 7:30pm Tuesday, May 15 at the Crowley Theater.

The documentary by Alpine filmmaker Megan Wilde examines the conservation crisis threatening the 6,000-year-old bond between Native Americans and peyote, their most sacred cactus.

Land-use change and over-harvesting have decimated the once-ubiquitous plant in south Texas.

There is no longer enough peyote available to meet the needs of Native American Church members, who use the cactus as the holy sacrament in their religious ceremonies, akin to communion in Christian churches.

Wilde’s documentary short explores why peyote populations have declined, the impact on Native Americans, and possible solutions to this complicated problem.

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